About us

FAIRVILLAGE is a web platform promoting the social and cultural integration of immigrants belonging to ethnic and linguistic communities present in large European cities, by making easier to find and understand information on basic services; it focuses on healthcare and education, as these constitute fundamental rights and conditions for integration.

FAIRVILLAGE applies collaboration and language-processing technologies on which we are building a promising business line.

FAIRVILLAGE will harness the power of crowd to create and operate resource maps: rich, geo-referenced, multilingual, socially maintained information bases describing resources present on the territory of a large city.

The deployment of the platform in Rome and in the Lazio Region intends to engage social operators, individual immigrants and foreign communities in the cataloguing of health-related structures, schools, courses of “Italian as a second lan-guage” (L2) and other resources.

More in general, FAIRVILLAGE will provide advanced tools for the collaborative curation and translation of web contents making easier the everyday life of the citizens and promoting culture, wellbeing, solidarity.

The FAIRVILLAGE project has been funded by the European project FI-Adopt. The platform is built upon the service-oriented architecture of FIWARE.